Online Donation Request Form

Down To Earth is proud to support local non-profit organizations and schools in our community. Donations will be given, on average, in the amount of a $25 gift card or product from our store so that we can participate with many different organizations.

No cash donations will be made.

Only one donation per calendar year will be given. Submitting a request is not an agreement that a donation will be given. Requests for a donation need to be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the event for our donation committee to consider.

Down To Earth will contact your organization only if approved. Donations will be available for pick up at our downtown store location: 532 Olive Street.

We do not donate to:

  • Crowd funding campaigns such as Indigogo, Kickstarter or GoFundMe
  • Political campaigns or political organizations
  • Clubs, sports teams, or trips
  • Organizations, schools, and non-profits outside Lane County
  • Churches or religious organizations