Paperwhite Narcissus Bulbs
instructions for growing beautiful indoor blooms


• Select a shallow dish. Tall glass cylinders also work very well.

• Fill it halfway with small pebbles, rocks, or stones. Get creative! Nestle bulb(s) into the pebbles, pointed end up. Fill with additional pebbles until just 1/2 the bulb is visible.

• Add water just below the bottom of the bulb, keeping the level constant to prevent it from drying out.

• Place container in low light until roots sprout- approximately 7-10 days. Move to bright light. Fragrant flowers should appear in 4-6 weeks. Cooler temps keep flowers fresh for longer. Discard bulbs when flowers fade.


*Watering with dilute alcohol mixture (about 1 TBSP isopropyl alcohol, gin, or vodka to 1 cup water) will encourage shorter, stronger upright stems to reduce the need for staking.