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Olla Clay Irrigation Pot


The OLLA, made of low fired, unglazed, porous clay, is an ancient method of irrigation. Bury with 2”-3” of neck above soil or mulch line, and fill with water. The water is pulled out through the wall of the pot, due to Soil Moisture Tension. Roots of the plants help create a suction by absorbing available water, drying out the soil and causing tension in the soil, against the water in the OLLA. One OLLA waters a 3 foot circle.

The lid reduces evaporation into the air and discourages mosquitoes.

Can be removed from the bed and gently scrubbed with a 1:1 vinegar:water solution each season. Remove in winter in areas with hard freezes.

Excellent for use in vegetable and flower beds, in areas with drought or restricted water use, and in raised beds and planters.

Made in Mexico

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