Naturally Clean Home, 3rd Edition


The Naturally Clean Home, 3rd Edition : 150 Nontoxic Recipes for Cleaning and Disinfecting with Essential Oils by Karyn Siegel-Maier

Paperback: 224 pages

The third edition of this best-selling book features greener formulas for homemade cleaning products, expanded information on using essential oils for cleaning and sanitizing, and updated packaging recommendations and preparation guidelines for a zero-waste approach.

In this updated edition of her best-selling book, The Naturally Clean Home, Karyn Siegel-Maier brings together the formulas for home cleaning solutions that readers have trusted for years with new information and ingredients updated to today’s green standards. A new introduction shines a light on the antiseptic properties of essential oils, addressing different grades of oil and their effectiveness against bacteria and viruses, as well as updated safety precautions and cost. Updated recipes eliminate Borax (banned as a food additive in the US and from cosmetic and cleaning products in the EU) from ingredient lists, replacing it with safe substitutes that include citric acid powder, hydrogen peroxide, diatomaceous earth, cornstarch, washing soda, and baking soda. New recipes show readers how to make easy, nontoxic, environmentally friendly substitutes for popular cleaning products, including molded laundry and dishwasher tablets. Packaging updates emphasize the use of glass containers for homemade cleaning products, to diminish environmental impact of plastic waste.

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