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Logic 6.5″ Cast Iron Skillet


This 6.5" diameter cast iron skillet is the go-to item in the kitchen, replacing other pieces of cookware. The smaller size is great for searing meats and browning roasts, frying perfectly golden-brown fried chicken and tempura, oven roasting potatoes and vegetables, quickly sauteing crisp vegetables, stovetop-to-oven potpies, baking the best cornbreads and cobblers.

Made in America since 1896, Lodge Cast Iron Cookware is constructed with the kind of care and quality that will let you share a piece of cookware for generations. Cast Iron can be used on electric and gas cooktops, in the oven or on the grill, even over a campfire. Pre-seasoned with a vegetable oil that contains no soy proteins, animal fats or peanut oil.

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