Jack Bates started Down To Earth in 1977 with two good friends, very little money and a vision for the future. Many folks remember our first store, a small retail space next to the current Sundance Natural Foods with an emphasis on practical, quality kitchen items that were durable and long lasting. As an avid gardener with a passion for growing organically, Jack could find little in the way of fertilizers or amendments for organic gardeners here in Eugene, and some of our early fertilizer blends were mixed by being rolled back and forth across the parking lot in 55 gallon barrels.

From our small, simple beginnings over 44 years ago, Down To Earth has grown into one of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors of natural fertilizers, premium organic gardening products, kitchen wares and glass. We are still locally owned and operated, and while Jack has officially retired, he is still one of seven Down To Earth owners. He enjoys his free time fishing rivers in Alaska and farming in Hawaii with a flock of geese that follow behind him.

We continue to offer a wide-ranging selection of natural, functional and heirloom-quality items that enhance the well-being of our customers, their gardens and the planet. We favor durable materials such as glass, cast iron, wood and stainless steel that provide long-lasting value and reduce waste. We look for unique, quality items that help make everyday living a delight.

With our retail store located in an historic building in Eugene, a nationwide-distribution center and local manufacturing facility, our commitment to you remains the same: to provide a wide selection of quality, natural and sustainable products to help simplify and enhance your life.

“Garden as though you’ll live forever”   -William Kent