Made in Italy by Luigi Bormioli, these canning jars are perfect for canning, storing, serving, or eating right out of the jar.  The glass lids come completely off the jars, which makes the jars microwaveable and dishwasher safe.  We have two different types of Lock Eat Jars: juice jars and canning jars in assorted sizes.

The jars each come with a natural rubber gasket and an easily removable stainless steel clamp.

Why Lock Eat?

Use the juice jars for canning and storing your favorite juices, or as a gorgeous way to serve beverages while entertaining (pop a straw in the top!), or take your favorite drink with you.  The airtight design means you can easily transport to your destination.
The canning jars are versatile in usage aside from canning delectable pickles and preserves- perfect for storing snacks, making single serving meals that can be popped into a cooler or lunchbag (think salads, yogurt, soup…anything you can come up with!).  Heating up your food is easy.  Simply remove the lid and metal clamp and place in the microwave.
Another great usage for these jars…mini terrarium as a darling summer centerpiece?  We think yes.