Make Homemade Yogurt


2 quarts whole milk

2 TBSP yogurt with active cultures

Optional Topping Ideas


Fresh fruit- berries, peaches, banana, etc.

Crunchy granola

Chopped roasted nuts


Equipment List:

Large saucepan with heavy bottom




Sterile Jars


It’s easy to make your own wholesome yogurt at home! There are many other ways to make yogurt- in this video we focused on making yogurt using a food dehydrator. We set up an Excalibur Food Dehydrator, and had ourselves a delicious yogurt party. This simple recipe uses a half gallon of whole milk and just 4 tbsp of plain cultured yogurt as a starter. Simply heat the milk, cool and add starter, then let sit in the dehydrator overnight!

If you are interested in making your own yogurt but don’t own a food dehydrator, alternative recipes can be found online or at your local library.

Step One: 

Heat your milk to 185˚F over medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and let it cool to 110˚.

Step Two: 

Add your yogurt starter to the cooled milk, mix until completely blended, and then pour the liquid into clean, dry containers.

Step Three:

Set the containers in a preheated food dehydrator set to 110-115˚. Check it in about 9-10 hours. It’s easy to set right before bed and let it run overnight. Let the yogurt cool down, and store your containers in the refrigerator to set.

Step Four:

Eat it plain, or add your toppings of choice. One large container is a good idea for storing plain yogurt in your fridge to serve as desired, and smaller containers make it easy to take your yogurt on the go! We have many different smaller sizes of clamp-lid glass jars that make this treat lunch ready.

Yogurt ideas:
• Fresh chopped fruit- think fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries…
• Local raw honey drizzled on top
• Crunchy granola or chopped roasted nuts
• Mix in a spoonful of jam for a sweet, fruity treat

The possibilities are endless for flavor combos- dress it up any way you choose!