It’s important to have the right tool for the job.  This includes using an appropriate knife.  For example, the larger knives like the chef’s knife and the Asian style Santoku can be used as an all-purpose kitchen knife, chopping, mincing, and even slicing meats and fish.  A utility knife, which is smaller than a chef’s knife and larger than a paring knife, can be used for mincing and cutting, while the paring knife is great for trimming, slicing and peeling small produce.

Down To Earth is proud to carry the Wüsthof line of high-quality kitchen knives for sale in our housewares department.  For over 200 years, all Wüsthof cutlery has been manufactured in Solignen, Germany.

We carry the Wüsthof Classic collection, as well as the Gourmet collection.  The blades boast stain and corrosion resistance, and the full tang is triple riveted into the seamless, ergonomic, and incredibly durable polymer handle.  These unparalleled quality high-carbon steel forged knives are perfect for prepping meals in the kitchen. From slicing meats and breads, to cutting the most stubborn fruits and vegetables, as well as precision and ease of handling for more delicate skinned foods, Wüsthof knives are guaranteed sharp.

Cook’s Knife
Santoku Knife
Paring Knife- cutlery must-have

Keeping a Sharp Edge on your Wüsthof Knives

To maintain the sharpness of the blade, the use of a honing steel is recommended regularly.  Why use one?  When you use your knife, the sharp edge can begin to gradually dull.  The honing steel pushes and realigns all those little burrs of the metal back into one single blade.

To maintain and care for your Wüsthof knives in order to keep the outstanding sharpness and integrity of both the blade and the handle intact:

  • Hand wash with soap and water and dry immediately.
  • Use a sharpening steel to realign the blade after each use to keep the edge from dulling.
  • Get your knives professionally sharpened about every year for optimal performance, or use the Wüsthof knife sharpener when your blades start to show signs of dulling.

Stringent quality control at Wüsthof factories ensure that your knife is razor sharp and of perfect quality right out of the box.  If you want a high quality knife that will last you for years and years to come, the Wüsthof knife collection you will find at Down To Earth will not disappoint. You will be pleased with the quality and usefulness of these knives whether you purchase as a gift for a loved one, or just to treat yourself and add to your collection of favorite kitchen tools. The difference in these knives is made apparent the first time you hold one in your hand.