The summer heat is setting the fruits of our labor in the garden.  Now that you’ve planted, watered, and weeded around your veggies… what comes next?  This time of year plants like cucurbits (members of the gourd family such as melon, pumpkin, squash, and cucumber) could use a nitrogen and potassium boost to ensure healthy supportive plant growth after flowering.  While growth studies show that phosphorus is important for flowering and fruiting, it’s most effective when applied before planting.

Planting When initially placing your vegetable transplants in the ground, a good balanced fertilizer is needed for healthy plant development.  A balanced, OMRI certified slow feeder like Bio-Live 5-4-2, or our All Purpose Mix 4-6-2 is a great way to start your veggies on the right path for success.

Supplement: A couple amendments we would recommend to help add more nitrogen to your plants is our DTE Fish Powder 12-1-1, which is a professional grade, water soluble, nitrogen fertilizer derived from fish.  It is produced through careful enzymatic hydrolysis to provide maximum nutrient availability and plant uptake.  For vegan gardeners, or those who prefer all plant based inputs, Agmino 14-0-0 is another highly effective amendment designed to provide a rapid burst of plant available nitrogen.  Agmino is produced through an enzymatic hydrolysis of non-gmo soy protein, to provide ample amino acid content and 14% water soluble nitrogen.

Health & Stress: Maxicrop Soluble Powder is a great addition to the garden.  It can be used throughout the growing season to decrease the negative effects of plant stress, as well as maximize plant growth and vigor- not only in your cucurbits, but in all types of crops.

Calcium: Another thing you can do for general plant health is consider applying calcium to the soil before planting.   One option is Garden Lime, which not only provides calcium, but also “sweetens the soil” which means it will raise the pH.  The little granules make for easy application.  Plants like tomatoes and peppers benefit from applications of calcium to help prevent issues like blossom end rot.  We also carry Liquid Calcium used as a foliar application to help correct or prevent calcium deficiencies during the growing season.