The holidays are approaching, and what better way to add beautiful festive flair than to make a gorgeous handmade wreath to hang in your home, or to present to a loved one as a special gift.  Here we’ll share some tips and instructions on how to assemble your own wreaths at home.

Gather Your Supplies

What you’ll need for a 12” wreath:
• Gloves
• Paddle Wire
• 12” Wreath Frame
• Greens *see note below*
• Special decorations: pinecones, seedpods (like cotoneaster, rosehips, & nandina), berries, dried fruit, succulents, flowers, eucalyptus, etc.
• Clippers & wire cutter (something to cut your greens and wire)

Different Greens for Different Effects

Silver Fir adds bulk to a wreath and is a perfect base. Douglas Fir is also a great base for bulking, but isn’t as stiff. Juniper adds blue tones, and the berries are a great accent. Pine adds a fine blue texture. Cedar adds a lacy effect. Holly has a bold, shiny texture, however the berries can turn black indoors.

Get Started
Step 1: Select your greens. You will need approximately 5 lbs. Cut them into 4-5” pieces.
Step 2: Wrap paddle wire a total of three times around one spot on the wire ring, moving from outside to the inside of the ring hole. This will anchor the wire to the ring. Layer a bundle of cut greens (5 stems about 4” long) to the wreath frame and wrap two or three times with the paddle wire, pulling it tight. Your bundles can be a single type of green, or a combination.
Step 3: Gather a second bundle of the same size greens and layer closely on top of the first bundle. Make sure you cover the stems of the previous bunch. Wrap this layer two to three times with your paddle wire. (For creative flair, you can use different greens in consecutive bundles. For example, your first bundle is Silver Fir and Cedar, and your second bundle Douglas Fir and Holly).
Step 4: Repeat step 2 until the ring is covered. Slip the last bundle under the first. Secure the last bundle with extra wire. Cut the wire from the paddle. Make a wire loop using green pipe cleaner around the back side of the wreath to hang it.

Decorating Tips:
Decorate with pine cones, a bow, or ornaments using paddle wire to secure them to the wire frame. Here are some examples of interesting combinations to try:
• Silver Fir, Cedar, & Variegated Holly
• Douglas Fir, Incense Cedar, & Eucalyptus
• Noble Fir, Pine, & Western Red Cedar
• Variegated Holly, Silver Fir, & Princess Pine