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SCD All Seasons Bokashi is naturally fermented bran that is primarily used for composting. Ingredients include wheat bran, rice bran, purified and structured water, sugarcane blackstrap molasses, mineral rock salt, and SCD Probiotics Technology. SCD All Seasons Bokashi allows for an airtight composting system, speeding up the fermentation process of food waste. When the fermented food waste is added to the soil, it breaks down completely and adds valuable nutrients to lawns and gardens.

Why use bokashi?

In composting, the product neutralizes odors, increases the mineral content, and prepares food waste to become high-quality compost.

In the soil, SCD All Seasons Bokashi maintains high population of microorganisms, promotes germination, flowering, fruiting, and ripening in plants. It also improves physical, chemical, and biological environments in the soil and helps to eliminate soil-borne pathogens and pests, enhance the photosynthetic capacity of plants, and ensure better germination and plant establishment, all while increasing the effectiveness of organic materials as fertilizers, and eliminating putrefactive soil that stresses plants.

How to use:

Lay down an initial layer of SCD All Seasons Bokashi. Place fresh foods scraps in the All Seasons Indoor Composter and thoroughly coat every layer with SCD All Seasons Bokashi compost starter. Close the lid tightly after every use to ensure an anaerobic environment.

Once the container is filled to capacity, let the pieces continue to ferment for two weeks and then transfer into your garden or planter. Allow at least two more weeks for the fermentation process to continue in the soil before planting your favorite veggies, flowers, trees, etc.

Make sure to drain the liquid released during the anaerobic process from the SCD All Seasons Indoor Composter® frequently to prevent putrefaction of your compost.

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